Logistical Assistance

Efficient and competitive service

Jasmin Business Center offers to take over the entire organization and management of your logistics for an optimum result, accuracy with a suitable price.

Thanks to our wide professional network services, due to them we are able to meet the needs of our customers while taking into account all their constraints.

Our network is based on the expertise of providers who have proven themselves. Indeed, along with a wide range of activities, we work with a multitude of service providers, enabling us to develop a rubric and a leading repository for choosing the best value. From this reference we can offer our customers the solution that suits them best in terms of quality and cost.


The logistical assistance of Jasmin Business Center is an integral part of our offer.

In other words, we practise this service as a full-time job. To do so, we have dedicated a unit to logistical assistance. This unit brings together the knowledge, expertise and experience of our professional logistics organization.

Jasmin Business Center knows how to keep its clients and its providers who do not skimp on efforts to provide such powerful and competitive service.