Secretarial services

Secretarial services which meet the highest standards

Aware of the importance of the secretariat in all types of activities, Jasmin Business Center has developed a secretarial service according to the highest standards in order to meet the administrative management needs of its customers.

Jasmin Business Center helps relieving you of all administrative tasks, thanks to a competent and experienced multidisciplinary team.

It is for this purpose that Jasmin Business Center aims to offer a secretarial service that covers all your needs in managing your administrative affairs.

Thus, for the management of your mails, invoices, meetings, documents, phone calls’ issues, calendar and appointments.... our secretarial service is able to provide an effective solution at lower cost.

Translation services for the efficiency of your actions and communications

Starting a business in a country where the spoken language upon government organizations is not your own native language, Jasmin Business Center translators will completely dismiss this barrier by offering simultaneous translation services in Arabic, French and English.

Our translation services include all kind of documents to ensure the performance and efficiency of your actions and communications.