A workspace that meets your business requirements

Jasmin Business Center offers you well-equipped workspaces for all your professional demands: work sessions, meetings, conferences, seminars...
Jasmin Business Center is fully aware of the need of having a work space that is comfortable, ergonomic, adapted and equipped with a high speed internet connection. We offer the best tools that a modern business center can offer to its customers.

In addition to all this, Jasmin Business Center adds a major advantage: such as flexibility. Whether you are establishing your company, a national or international organization with a specific mission of short or long duration, a young entrepreneur ... Jasmin Business Center Answers your need.

espace de travail


Besides architectural practices and harmonious arrangements, we offer a range of technological tools essential to the success of your work sessions.
As professionals in both management and organization, we are able to meet and anticipate the needs of our customers.

So we offer them a work space designed according to the customers’ demand. You can always outsource to us to offer you the workspace that best fits your needs.